Handmade Cowhide Split Leather Warm Plush Non-Slip Boots - MakenShop black / 41

Handmade Cowhide Split Leather Warm Plush Non-Slip Boots

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There's no denying that this imitation crocodile shoe will undoubtedly delight all leather shoe lovers. They will bring you a neat look, but also incomparable comfort.

It seduces at first sight thanks to its quality and original style. It is a winter model with a unique look reminiscent of the marriage between a sports shoe and a shoe of Italian elegance. 

Its leather is accented with a crocodile effect which gives it a luxurious appearance. To add more beauty to its alluring design, the shoe features a side closure. This simple little detail is enough to make it even trendier than it already was.

it is a model that will certainly be unanimous among Italian shoe lovers. The presence of leather, velvet and zipper are just a few arguments that support this fact. Moreover, it is a semi-high shoe with patterns drawn underneath that are reminiscent of sports shoes. 

For those looking for a fairly casual shoe, this is a pair that could find its way into any type of wardrobe. It is precisely this last detail that makes it so incredible, it is a versatile shoe.

Perfect for daily wear, travel, or virtually any other occasion, these shoes feature a specially designed sole that eliminates pain as it re-balances bones both in the feet and body alike to promote comfortable and healthier walking. 


 Reliable Traction: From rain to ice and even snow, these shoes will provide a traction that helps to eliminate the risk of slips and falls

 Orthopedic Innovation: Featuring an ultra-supportive sole and even pressure distribution, these shoes provide support to both the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg.

You’ll be amazed at just how much more comfortable these shoes make walking both short and long distances with their soft, supportive sole and savvy design.

Versatile DesignWith a handsome leather design and stylish stitching, these shoes look great for casual and dressy occasions alike!

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