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10 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Decorating walls of a room in the house is definitely a challenging task. It is where you want to put just the right amount of your creativity without giving the wall a strange appearance. Another thing that is always felt by many while decorating walls, is the expense that is considered on renovating the walls and giving it a new look.

But the good news is, if you have a few DIYs that can help you get away from all these problems then you will surely have a room that looks exactly the way you wanted it to be.

DecorNation keeps posting many DIYs and Home Decor ideas on its social media outlets like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Out of the many ideas that we have shared, we get you 10 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas that will enhance your walls right away.

1. Use Fairy lights and some good Polaroid Photographs and put them together.

2. If you have some old balls of yarn and a branch, then get going with this one.

3. What can be simpler than this? Cut outs of colorful papers used as confetti as wall décor.

4. Let the gold pyramids fall into places.

5. Next time you see a branch this cool, pick it up!

6. If you have a good collection of shoes, then use the shoe boxes too. Make sure they are colored pretty.

7. Wall Art that shows the Star that you really are!

8. For this wall décor, you need a blank canvas/wooden plank of a size you wish and then cover it with a decorative sheet or patterned cloth.

9. Next time you go shopping, check out some nice china plates like these.

10. And for the masterpiece, the simplest of all. Mosaic Wall Art with string randomly attached to randomly hammered nails and more random Polaroid on it.

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